South Side Bus Ride Guide

This is a map I made in August 2016, showing the primary bus routes of South St. Louis City. I was trying to think of a way to improve potential transit riders' experience. A friend mentioned his frustration with Metro's system map, which started me thinking about how a more friendly map might be designed. I started toying around with designing something a more localized map: a map for folks who don't need the whole map, but just want to try getting around their neighborhood on the bus.

I hope that you find this helpful! If you're interested in a map that is more suited to your needs, so that you find transit easier to use, reach out to me on Twitter at @73_Carondelet!

Update: Unfortunately, some of these routes have since changed. So this is more a relic than an actively useful map, these days. (You'll notice this is from when Civic Center was under construction, as all routes lead to Union Station).

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